Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

Making endless attempt to step highest in producing high-quality items, on time delivery and winning customer satisfaction through precise assessment and analysis of the business atmosphere and market trends, the company aims at the following by 2021:

  • Becoming equipped with the most high-tech facilities and machinery in the packing industry
  • Implementing  a continuous improvement system in all organizational processes as the most effective approach to the promotion of efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction
  • International recognition and increasing export volumes
  • Implementing Continuous quality monitoring system
  • Achieving lean production and reducing waste in all processes
  • Promoting human resource size and knowledge


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Flat 2, No.22, West Danesh Blvd, Mehrshahr, Karaj, Alborz Province, Iran
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No.2516, 1st Golfam, 2nd Golnoush, west Qazzali Blvd., Eshtehard Industrial Estete, Alborz Province, Iran.
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