Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment

Designing and making Samples

At the design department, using the most modern design software, our outstanding designers perform the designing tasks and create product replica at customers' request to be approved before printing. The department also designs clichés, lithography, and moulds in this section.
Prior to the first mass production, samples are produced for the purpose of examining dimensions and strength to be approved by the quality control department and the customers.

Sheet production

Thanks to the ample raw material storage area that the warehouses make available, the company is safe from severe, unexpected price fluctuations or material  shortages. We can then meet the customers demand in the shortest possible time.
With the modern technology of 2017, the company's sheet production line can produce 3-layer and 4-layer sheets with the highest quality currently found in the industry.

Printing and Conversion

Using the high-tack printing, dicot and laminate machinery, SunPack is an outstanding company in carton production with various sizes, printing quality and printing area and, at the moment, supplies over 300 recognized local and foreign industrial companies with the average satisfaction index of 99.4%



In SUN-PACK, at the request of customers, sheets are attached by adhesive or staples using full-automatic machines.


The company's laboratory experts examine all the materials and processes from the very first stage of the arrival of paper, ink, adhesive and…. to the process of printing, dicoting, attachment, and packaging by means of the newest laboratory equipment in the industry. The data are all recorded for further possible examination.
All the required tests including BURST, COB, RCT.CMT, and weight(گرماژ)   before discharging the load are conducted at the company site. The whole carton industry tests such as ECT, BCT, FCT, and ink and adhesive viscosity are also performed at the company laboratory and the results are made available at customer's request.
Thanks to the huge storage area, large amounts of products can be maintained in the warehouses to be transported to different parts of the country and even to the borders for the export purposes. This is made possible by the company's efficient transport fleet.  



With an efficient hardware system, an IT department as a support unit, and the establishment of organization resource management software (ERP), the sales department and the production unit are directly and invariably connected such that the date registered at the central office are immediately visible at the factory's planning unit. In addition, the company exports are all aware of the latest production status at any moment and can accordingly take action for troubleshooting and respond to customers' demands as promptly as possible.
The customer's relations department (CRM), as another support unit, is active in registering, tracking complaints,periodical surveys, and bringing  services closer to customer's demand and correspondingly prompting quality and customer satisfaction.


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